working a double at work today blah :(

3 hours down, 4 and a half to go….please leave messages or i might die k bye

Last night was fucking intense

almost got my fake id taken away at a bar before dayglow because they asked for my zodiac sign?! And i actually convinced the guy to let me have it back..Then got to dayglow and rolled my face off..literally covered in paint and then took acid w my boyfriend as we were coming down from the rolls and tripped the rest of the night….whaaaat..

Coming home from college SUCKS.

I don’t know how I dealt with living with these crazy, negative people my whole life. At college, I have my own house, I’m on my own and I’m pretty much always in a good mood…especially lately - new boyfriend, going on spring break soon, planning to study abroad in the’s all been amazing. The only reason I came home this weekend was to get some of my clothes and things that I left here before I go to Panama City Beach for spring break in a few weeks with my boyfriend and friends. But so far (I’ve been here less than 24 hours) all I’ve been is annoyed and frustrated with my family. It makes me SO sad. When I try to tell them how I feel, I instantly get shot down and yelled at. My mom wants us to sweep it all under the rug and pretend were this perfect little family when…we’re not. at all. 

Random personal note:

I’m proud of myself this semester so far…I love the way I feel when I get up early, get enough sleep, eat really healthy, workout and don’t procrastinate my homework! Oh, and positive thinking helps too :)